Second Chances

Terrance - Baltimore, Maryland
Entered on April 1, 2013
Themes: forgiveness

I believe in second chances. I believe everyone should have a second chance at something or at some time in life to better themselves from previous mistakes. There is always time from change and improvements. Failure shouldn’t be an option to anyone but if you do fail at something you should only try to fix your faults, not give up. I think failing is only the beginning of success. Once you have failed you will know what it feels like and strive even harder to succeed. People should be given a second chance even if they made a few bad decisions in life. Everyone isn’t right all the time. If a person is trying to become a better person I believe they deserve another chance at life or whatever the situation is.

When individuals commit crimes at law they are criminals, but just because you broke a law doesn’t mean you’re a criminal at mind. I can think of a million reasons a person can be arrested but it doesn’t make them a criminal. For example, if someone hypothetically has a child and their child is being sexually abused by a neighbor. Then they lose control and murder the rapist consequently is arrested. This doesn’t make them a criminal. This can happen to any normal person and they then lose their freedom and family because their incarcerated for revengeful actions. I believe everyone should be given a second chance somehow and in some form to prove themselves and make up for mistakes.

There is so many ways to ruin your life and make it impossible to provide for yourself or even have a ok life. The problem is some people in the world actually want to fix their lives but just aren’t given the chance. Everyone makes mistakes again but people who learn from their mistakes are the ones that will be successful. I’ve earned a second chance at life , coming from a bad environment. I made bad decisions but I separated myself from negativity and choose my own path. At least the people who want something for themselves who don’t have they chance should get a second chance. You only have one life to live and It should be the best you can make It.