This I Believe

Sunkyung - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on May 9, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: purpose

I’ve always believed that God has prepared a certain way for us so everything’s going to be fine eventually. Living over thirty years, I’ve experienced not only great pleasures but also severe frustrations and sadness. I understand we cannot obtain only what we want. Things always cannot be done in the way we wanted. However, whenever I went through unhappy experiences, I always tried considering bright sides because I believe every thing is a part of the whole procedure to get to the life I want.

In the end of the 1990’s, the foreign exchange crisis in Korea caused the Korean economic situation to be really dreadful. A tremendous number of companies went bankrupt almost every day, generating a great number of unemployed people. My father’s company was not an exception so our family had to experience financial difficulties. When I heard the financial situation of my family at first, I was very shocked because I had never thought that I would face that kind of difficulties. I felt I had to do something to improve the situation. I really wanted to give some help to my family. However, at that time, even though I had a job, I was not making enough money to do so. I couldn’t help feeling a deep disappointment in myself. I was already 26 years old at that time, but I had been still quite dependent on my parents.

However, I believed that everything would be fine after all. I knew that several years later I would be talking smiling about the difficulties I experienced. I decided to do something to enhance my ability to make more money and started preparing for the CPA examination. And about one year later, I passed the exam and could get a job at the biggest accounting firm in Korea. Finally I could give my parents some financial help.

Fortunately, the situation has become a lot better now. However, it was not that easy to overcome all the disappointment and substantial difficulties at that time. However, I always believed and said to myself that everything would be fine. If I had not had this belief, I couldn’t have gone through all the difficulties. The moment we’re experiencing now is just a part of our lives. And I believe we’ll get to a better place than today after all.