This I Believe

Christina - Plymouth, Minnesota
Entered on May 9, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Have A Little Faith

I believe in having faith, no matter how hard things get. I learned this lesson the hard way. When I was 11 years old, my older sister started having problems with depression. She became surrounded by gloom and was forced to continue on her dark journey through most of her adolescent years. No one, not even the doctors could find an answer to my sister’s problems. My family struggled a lot trying to deal with getting my sister the help she needed, and being there for her. There were continuous ups and downs as we helplessly watched my sister suffer. We spent years looking for answers and searching for an end to everyone’s pain. It was through this hard time in our lives that we realized the importance of faith; Faith in God, faith in family, and faith in ourselves. Faith was all we had to give us the strength to go on. Without it we would have gotten to the same low point my sister was in, with no one to lift us out. Faith is what picked us up again and again every time we fell back into the darkness. It took a long time until finally the doctors found the diagnosis of my sister’s misery. Bipolar disorder was the name of our family’s source for confusion, pain, and misery. Once we found the root of our problems we began the effort to cope with this issue. It took years and years to get my sister back to her full stability and give her the normal life she deserved. We faced more ups and downs and we kept believing that things could and would get better. We kept faith in the doctors that they would find a diagnosis and a cure to my sister’s problems. We kept faith in my sister that she could keep going on and keep fighting to get herself through all the hard times. We kept faith in my family that we would be strong enough to lean on each other and help and support one another. We kept faith in God that he would only give us what he knew we could handle. We kept faith in ourselves that we would not blame each other or ourselves, we kept faith that we would focus on the importance of helping one another. Faith is what made our family strong when the bipolar could have made us weak, and faith is what kept us grounded until the end. My sister now lives of life of normalcy like you and I, and because of faith I believe this was made possible.