This I Believe

Min Jung - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on May 9, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: carpe diem

I believe that ‘Don’t worry. Be happy’. I am sure that you have heard it several times in real life. It is a general saying, and it sounds easy and friendly. Since when I was a child, I’ve believed that ‘Don’t worry. Be happy’, because I always think I am such a lucky girl. I like my family, my friends, and my situation. Sometimes, I could be in a dilemma but I think life is like the waves of the sea so even if I am in a dilemma I will think I am ok and I will be good soon. Because if a day is bad or hard, a happy and great day will be waiting for me. Thus, I am keeping in mind that life has ‘YIN'(negative) and ‘YANG'(positive) so my mind could always be light and happy.

When I was a high school student, actually still now, I have often heard “you are so optimistic and vivid” because I am always smiling and my friends tell me that I just look like I don’t have any concern which is good or bad. Whatever!! I don’t care. I would like to think it is good because even thought I think too much about my problems, they will not disappear and they will not be smaller than before. This belief makes me laugh and look vivid. I like myself so much. I could hear you are self-absorbed. Who will live my life instead of me? Our life is only once. Could it happen two ot three times? We don’t have time to make an angry expression or grave exprassion any more. It is the best way to live: just enjoy our life as much as we can. On the other hand, we can live freely, without restraint, have fun, and take pleasure. Once again, I believe ‘Don’t worry. Be happy’.