This I Believe

Eun sun - Morton grove/ Ill/ 60053, Illinois
Entered on May 9, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe this.

Hardship can be a great opportunity to get a lesson and success.

Difficult time itself is hard to endure, but when we go through hardship, we can get many valuable lessons learned along the way.

I have experience related to this belief.

If someone were to ask me when was your hardest time in your life, I would say the first 3 months in the U.S. I’ve never been separated from my family before I came here. I arrived in N.Y. city on September 12th, 2004. The weather was still hot like summer, but I felt cold. Everything was unfamiliar, including the language.

For those 3 months, I lived in a suburb of Long Island. I had no car and didn’t know about the city, so I could rarely go anywhere. That frustrated me also.

I remember that I used to cry almost every other day at that time.

I could go back to my country, but I didn’t. Because that was my choice, and I wanted to finish my challenge well. My school in N.Y was fascinating. I liked the school’s curriculum, faculties, and students. I wanted to graduate from the school instead of quitting.

I needed to find a way to overcome my situation.

First of all, I prayed early every morning. As I prayed more, my belief grew stronger.

Second, I moved out to Brooklyn. That area was much closer to Manhattan than Long Island, and people who live in there were friendlier. That worked for me.

Third, I began to work out. I ran or walked around for one hour to overcome my negative feelings and stagnant energy. Through that exercise, I became active and energetic.

My mood and life in my new place, N.Y, began to settle down, and finally I could graduate from my school successfully.

The most precious thing that I got is confidence and gratitude. I realized if I really want to do something, I can do that not only with my endeavor, but also with God’s grace and other people’s help. Before I came to the U.S. I used to complain about something easily, but after those hard times, I changed. Now I easily appreciated something, even very small things.

Moreover, when I finished my first challenge, graduating from the school, the next door opened for me. That was a great feeling.

I believe hardship can be meaningful when we use that wisely and sincerely.

Also I believe everything is from God, and God guides us to the very best way.

This is my belief.