This I Believe

Renee - Austin, Texas
Entered on May 9, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Earlier this year I read Alan Moore’s graphic novel “The Watchmen.” There is a series of frames where a psychiatrist and his wife are walking down the street together. They see a woman being attacked and the psychiatrist goes to help, his wife demands that he not get involved, “[If] you let yourself get drawn towards another heap of somebody else’s grief, I don’t want to see you again!” Her husband responds by saying, “I have to. In a world like this…I mean, it’s all we can do, try to help each other. It’s all that means anything.”

These words have immense meaning to me; it is a huge facet of my day-to-day life. I do my best to try to take every opportunity I get to help anyone who needs it and keep a positive attitude towards others. A little of your time and effort can go a very long way when you put it into helping another person. When you do help someone, chances are you don’t know how much your aid really is appreciated. I’ve found that a good mood is contagious; I can’t stay upset when my friends remark on what a beautiful day it is or give me a big smile. You may not think that what you do matters but small acts of kindness are just as important as large ones; they can both have an immense result. Many times I have been having an awful day and it makes everything seem okay when someone takes the time to hold the door open for me. Whenever I am upset, often all it takes to make me feel better is a friend giving me a hug or holding my hand. I guess part of the reason I feel that it is so important to be kind and help others is because so many people have been kind to me and helped me. I am trying to give that back and let other people experience how wonderful it is for someone to be kind and help you when you need it. It’s not hard to be nice or courteous and it goes a long way. People will remember your friendly smile or the time you helped them carry a heavy box and the next time they see you they might return the favor.

The way I see it, there is more than enough suffering in the world already and the least we can do is try to help each other. In my sixteen years of life that has seemed to be what’s most important.