This I Believe

Sydney - Nashville, Tennessee
Entered on May 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe.

I believe in the click of life. When I was struggling in school with my Algebra, my dad sat me down and had a talk. He explained to me his view of dealing with things when they get tough. When he was in school and struggling, he worked as hard as he could and still didn’t understand the material. Then one day it clicked. I trusted my dad and took his advice- to continue doing the best I could and hoping that everything would just click and come together. It did. I understood my Algebra because I believed I could do it.

Ever since then I have tried to view my everyday problems in that perspective. When my dad got Breast cancer in 2002 I was miserable and sad as anyone who has known someone with a life threatening disease is. I truly believed I was being punished for the things I had done wrong in my 10 years on this earth. My dad went through the chemo process and it worked. I was so happy. I realized that his body and his mind clicked.

His mind told his body he had more things he needed to do for himself, his family, and the millions of people he’s trying to help with his job. My dad, being almost 56 years old, has plenty of things he’d still like to do with his life. A few nights ago at dinner he expressed to me the desire he had to witness my children’s bar and/or bat mitzvahs and their weddings. He has always talked about kayaking and I believe he will do it. Both of my parents are care givers and providers. Without either of my parents life as I know it would not exist. My family needs all of us to run and be successful. My dad’s goal at work for at least 10 years has been to help people with diabetes not to go blind. He has set up several clinics in the United States and is now trying to make his program international. His recent trip to Peru was very successful. This is the greatest and best example of what I believe- The click of life.