This I Believe

Melissa - Lawrence, Kansas
Entered on May 8, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in holding hands with friends. I believe in matching clothing, but admire those who artfully mismatch. I believe that beauty can be found in the sad, that tragedy can be (often is) encased in the beautiful. I believe in waving in passing, in blowing kisses to children. I believe in saving National Geographics, Smithsonians, The New Yorker, and a few others: that their value holds through time.

I believe that I will one day learn how to roller skate, successfully. I hope to believe this of cooking.

I believe in good beginnings, cherish good middles, hope for good endings, if we really must face conclusions. I believe that you should pay attention in such a way as will allow you to say kind things, that it takes nothing brave to say and mean them. I believe that toast and soup can solve more in a day than we often know. I believe in something beyond this life, but am not sure that I do not just wish for all of this to continue, for I have never truly been convinced of heaven-as-perfect (your and my behavior, language, thoughts, devotions), but wish for heaven-as-complete (perfect-as-completion).

I believe in smiling at strangers, in looking people in the eye. I believe that falling asleep, just after we (I and the person I care for) have each closed our book, to be one of the most peaceful moments I’ve repeatedly known. I believe in looking straight up into the sky when it first begins to rain.

I believe that it is both easy and dangerous to have a beautiful life by proxy; that we must not get our most beautiful sounds and sights and moments by vicarious experience, though we are surrounded by the means tempting us to do so.

I believe in the beauty of love, believe wildly in romance, but with use of the third person (for he or she, not I). I believe that I cannot explain that, that I have only recently noticed this.