This I Believe

Allene - Washington, District of Columbia
Entered on May 8, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50


I have been teaching my son since before he took his first breath how unique and wonderful he is. That he is divine, powerful and that there is nothing that he can not achieve with determination and perseverance. That he must articulate his feelings and thoughts and be able to communicate them to others. That I believe in him but more importantly, that he must always believe in himself.

One day when he was five years old, he came to me and said that he wanted to live with his father for a year. It was a humbling experience to have my five year old sit down with me and tell me that visiting his dad for the holidays and the summer suddenly were not enough for him. That he wanted to be able to see his dad everyday. I immediately felt guilty that he did not have the opportunity to see his dad everyday and then I hoped it was a passing feeling, soon to go away. My son had no desire to make me feel guilty; he just knew he wanted to spend some time with his dad. Not only did the feeling not go away but also five years later he wanted to do it again. This time, he wanted to stay longer. I was raising him to be an independent thinker and he was declaring his independence.

I believe that my job as his parent is to provide him with an environment where he feels love, safe and secure. That sense of security is the key to his confidence in himself and his ability to know who he is and who he is to become. It took courage for him to tell me he wanted go but he knew that he could because he believed in himself and what he wanted.

He has been with his dad for three years now and tells me he wants to stay through high school. He does well in school, plays sports, and travels around the world. He is a confident and mature young man. He has no knowledge of limits because I never told him there were any. He’s already preparing for his future because he knows without any doubt he has a bright one ahead of him.