This I Believe

Bryan - Columbia, South Carolina
Entered on May 8, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

As the New Year rolled around in January, I ditched any attempt to construct resolutions. Instead of struggling to define potential achievements, I welcomed 2006 focusing on the beautiful truths already present in my life. The following are some of my findings – some of the truths which keep me going…

I believe God made and rules all things.

I believe I can grow to be a kid yet.

I believe McDonald’s should keep McRib as a permanent, not transitory, menu item.

I believe walking is the perfect exercise.

I believe the tongue is an astounding organ.

I believe more people should travel by train.

I believe the liberal use of attention can keep a friendship afloat.

I believe the lavish use of attention can keep a marriage aflame.

I believe Lucky Charms can be eaten two or three times a day.

Did I say I believe walking is the perfect exercise?

I believe broccoli’s highest calling is steak garnish.

I believe summer evenings on a porch can break the laws of time.

I believe a father’s hugs are character insurance.

I believe favor of the populace is fleeting.

I believe the soul is eternal.

I believe silliness salvages seemingly serious situations satisfactorily.

I believe I spent too much time on the previous alliteration.

I believe we live better than 99% of the earth’s travelers.

I believe it’s good to sweat.

I believe the lavish use of showers keeps a marriage aflame.

I believe “the college life” was overrated.

I believe being old will be cool.

I believe I could never deserve my salvation, or my wife.

I believe, desserts aside, most things really do taste like chicken.

I believe in thin crust, medium well, over easy, and those new tasty creamers.

I believe to walk is to engage in the perfect exercise.

I believe the moon will be fun to visit.

I believe haircut day rules.

I believe Breyer’s ice cream is worth the extra buck or two.

I believe such ice cream deserves an extra bowl or two.

Did I share my belief on walking?

I believe saying I’m sorry can be hard.

I believe enamel is harder.

I believe my kids’ voices each have a button on Heaven’s jukebox.

I believe soda should be poured in a glass and over ice cubes.

I believe something’s always going to happen.

I believe I’ll take a walk.