This I Believe

Shelby - hollywood, Florida
Entered on May 5, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in believing in your self. When no one else will, you are the only one who can. People can say any thing they want to say about you, true or false. But you need to have the confidence in your self to stand up to them and ignore what is said. When you believe in your self any thing is possible, your dreams can come true.

Sometimes you may feel that you have no one, but you will always have your self. If you do not fully believe in your self, love your self, or trust your self, you can not do so with any one else. So it is very important to know who you are.

Along with believing in your self, come the issues of trusting your self and your talents. If you do not trust what you can do or want to do you will never do any thing one hundred percent or peruse your goals with all of your heart because you feel that in the end there is a possibility of failure for you.

Sometimes when you fall you are the only one who can pick yourself up, because only you know what will make you better again.

My mom always taught me that you will always have you, no matter the circumstances. And if you truly know yourself what else could be better. Knowing myself has helped me my whole life. When having problems with people, be it friends, family or whoever, what ever issues it happened to be; I had the courage to believe in my self and every thing turned out for the best. I could not ask for any thing more then that.