This I Believe

Shelly - Chico, California
Entered on May 5, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

This I Believe

As far back as I can remember I’ve always been shy, a non-participant in life, kind of

an introvert and basically did not put a lot of effort into anything. When I was a child I

was so shy I sat on the couch inside when I could have been out playing with the kids. I

got nothing out of that.

When I became a little older, in High School I had the one or two friends and did not

join any clubs or venture out to be a part of anything. My grades were less than average

and I was not popular. I got nothing out of that.

After school I fell in love and had kids. I went along with what ever my husband said

or did. I never apposed him or tried to put in my opinion, even when I knew things

weren’t right. I did not learn much or venture out to change what was wrong. I got no-

thing out of that, except two wonderful kids who I have an excellent relationship with

now. However, we could have been happier.

After the divorce I did not do much better. I was raising the kids with Welfare money.

Though I was responsible and paid bills, again I did not venture out to acquire money for

myself. I only got 600$ a month for that.

After about ten yrs. of that something in me changed and I became out going, more

willing to put myself out there. I ventured out and found not one but two jobs, which I

worked at for six yrs. I made more money, more friends, more power over my life. Then

the seventh year, I made another change, I quit my part time job and started attending

Butte College in the afternoons. I’m getting so much out of that. I’m successful at every-


thing I reach out to do. That includes achieving my main goal in life right now and that’s

to obtain a B.A. in Dietetics and Food Administration. I’m looking forward to getting a

great deal out of that. This I believe.. you get out of life what you put into it.