This I Believe

Cynthia - Sacramento, California
Entered on May 4, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

A Forward-moving God

April 28, 2006. I took a General Psychology class my first semester in college. The course gave an overview of different types of Psychology and a basic foundation of the science. One of the subjects touched on was Biological Psychology, the study of the brain. I was fascinated by the way the brain communicated with itself and the rest of the body. There was a whole profound universe encompassed within my skull. The complexity and unity of this organ was captivating. As one neuron communicated with another, it sent out different chemicals causing physical reactions. The realization that the brain was so amazingly communicative made me more sure that there was a Creator in the truest sense of the word. Not only was there a creation forming entity but also a creative, imaginative, innovative, complex, and powerful being. What kind of a mind could put something this beautiful together and cause it to grow, change and heal itself?

As I am just beginning to understand the workings of the brain in such a small way it causes me to wonder if it is not an inner archetype of the universe as God has made it. Perhaps we are all meant to communicate with each other as well as the neurons in the brain communicate. Will what happens in one person cause an effect in the next? Perhaps my neighbors actions affect my world in the same way as a neurotransmitter affects its neighboring neuron.

If the inner workings of the brain function in such a way as to cause reactions throughout the whole body then I believe we too can touch the world around us in much the same way. I cause change in the environment around me. As my words and actions pass through the synapse between you and I, a change is in motion. My words and actions do not start and end with me. I am influenced by what I experience and I in turn influence everything around me.

The change may reach only my immediate contact or it may reach to the farthest ends of the earth. But a change will be implemented. Unless I cease to function, and like the expired neuron I pass through one environment and into a next one, I will touch the world I am in.

I believe in a forward-moving God who loves to blow our minds with the complexity and beauty of all that surrounds us. When I am bored or boring I am most unlike the God who created me in his image. When I am unconcerned about the people around me and how they are experiencing their world then I do not hold the same mind as the creator. If I am close minded and stubborn I am not moved by the God of the universe.