This I Believe

Linda - Knoxville, Tennessee
Entered on May 4, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: integrity

I believe

When asked what I believe, a myriad of questions flurry up in my mind: religion, values, principles, and ethics. When it all settles, the one concept I believe in is Truth. This may sound simple, yet truth is so complex a value to live by, it seems impossible.

Some examples of the complexities in our society:

With respect to religion: each believes their path is the true one.

Witnesses to an event believe what their eyes witnessed is true.

But, I wanted to reduce the concept to a more fundamental level: truth to self.

Let’s peel the layers of our thoughts back and see if we get to the truth about ourselves. Take a naked light bulb and examine each crevice of our minds. What do we find? Wow! This is possibly the most horrific experience in our lives. We find some dark thoughts: evil intents, self serving motives. That is our Truth. Don’t cower in the corner just yet.

We also see the love we feel and act on toward our friends and family, the beauty we appreciate in our Earth, and the kindness we give to a stranger. That too, is our Truth.

So, where does the concept of Truth come into line with what I believe? I believe we must examine each action, thought, and perception based on our Truth. Admit our weaknesses, act in opposition to our faults, and celebrate our virtues. In this way, I believe, we become a whole and not a collection of lesser parts. Acceptance of our darkness brings to light the evil intentions, when this is done, examination is facilitated and we can choose a different way of being. Balance this discovery with the altruistic kindness paid to someone. Goodness and virtue are reinforced.

Beginning with being truth-full to self ripples out to the corner of the world in which we live. If we accept principles of the Chaos Theory, we could change the world. But, Truth-fully, I only want to change myself.