This I Believe

Ashley - Miramar, Florida
Entered on May 4, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: setbacks

I believe in experience. Throughout my four years in high school I have always wondered what made the “seniors” look so mature and ready for the real world. I found out in time that their experiences led them to embrace the status quo of “cool”. My ninth grade year in Chaminade was filled with a lot of awkwardness and torment. I never knew how to handle the challenges of anything thrown at me. I finally found out later that it was my experiences that gave me a push into the right direction before it was too late. I was never really the model student or the perfect teenage child. It was that weird rebellious stage that brought me into a state of confusion, nothing could have made things any better than making the mistakes that I have made. I have learned a lot from what I did even though most of things I did landed me in summer school, in trouble with cops, and of course my parents but isn’t that what teenage life should be? A bunch of screw ups and then you stiffen up to realize what you have to do to grow up. I guess I could say it took a lot of break ups, failing grades, and fights with classmates to set the path for success. Not everyone is the same and neither is the experiences we each embark but knowing that these experiences made us who we are is what matters. If it weren’t for all these mistakes I wouldn’t have made it into a college, develop respect for myself and others, and learn how to cope with life. Now that I am a senior in high school I understand what made the “seniors” so cool! They have all been there and done that, they have been in fights, drank, smoked, and still managed to become terrific students. As I leave my second home I embrace these life experiences with hopes that I will never have to encounter any others like them again!!!