This I Believe

Samidha - Canton, Michigan
Entered on May 3, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Every tiny miracle makes his way into the world from mother’s womb… Every little angel is equally overwhelming, awesome and makes parents cry with joy and laugh with tears … Every baby is just as beautiful, just as innocent and just as heart winning as the other… Every baby is as much a bundle of joy and love, a ball of rapidly growing cells and yet a fistful of clay waiting to be molded; as the other…

Then why is it that one tiny angel grows up to be Mahatma Gandhi and another grows up to be Mohammed Atta ?

I believe in the ‘Legacy of Thoughts’ that we as parents and educators give our children. I believe in the tremendous hidden potential that we parents possess…And the enormous potential of what we can do with the endless possibilities offered.

My mother woke up each dawn and I thought of her as the cozy, warm center of our universe waking up to GIVE and LOVE us… Though she was the essence of all values of motherhood, she never did spare the rod and spoil the child. She never did it and never did my father… My sister and I have been very fortunate to have parents who perpetually struggled to make a difference in our lives. To raise us was the one career that my mother devoted herself with her heart, mind and body…I will forever treasure and live by the Legacy that I got from her…

The Legacy to think and distinguish ‘Right’ from ‘Wrong’

The Legacy of honest love and happiness and contentment; placed above all the material comforts of the world

The Legacy of belongingness and deep rooted family bonds

The Legacy of good morals, education and faithful optimism

The Legacy of a gentle yet disciplined upbringing

Now as a mother of a budding seven month old, I realize how much of the same responsibility I carry on my shoulders…For the first time, now in the shoes of my mother, I realize how difficult and painful the conscious effort of discipline and restrain is… how agonizing the crying of your baby is and how much patience yet steel gentle and disciplined upbringing can take… For the first time I realize how much I value the Legacies I have received. I vow, I will work just as hard to hand them to our son.

It is indeed in the hands of the potter how each pot shapes up, and so is it in our hands, how we shape the future of our mankind with the ‘Legacy of Thoughts’ that we gift our children with.