This I Believe

Ashley - Knoxville, Tennessee
Entered on May 2, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

No Man Goes Before His Time

I believe that God has put everyone on this earth for a reason, and they will go when the time is right. Everyone has had their own personal experience and I have had several myself. This I believe that no man will go before his time.

It was a rainy night in April, when all of the students attending prom gathered at The Knoxville Ballroom. My date and I, and one other couple decided to ride to prom and dinner together. Dinner and Prom were great, so we decided to attend an after party were several peers were at. When one o’clock rolled around I rounded up my date and we headed home. At the time I did not realize it would be a life changing situation to get into the car with my prom date, but I chose my actions and my consequences soon followed. On our way home in our 2002 Pathfinder we flipped eight times and hit several trees. We were all hospitalized and two of us, including me, were severely injured. I attended UT Medical Hospital for three days and then released. On that night of April 21st none of us should have lived, but it was not our time to go. God has his Gardening Angles around our car that night and we all survived.

I can recall another time of my life when my parents thought I should be dead. It was when I was 14 months old and I went under for surgery and the anesthesia they gave me was the wrong medication and I flat lined. They were very worried if I would regain conscience again, but I did and spent the next couple of days in ICU. They later found out the anesthesia they had given me was the wrong medication and I had a reaction to it. After that my parents always called me their miracle child.

There are those close calls for everyone and I can say I have had several, but these two are vivid in my memory. I believe that God has a time and a place for everyone and he decides when it is there time. I guess it is just not my time, and I think God has a path for everyone to follow.