This I Believe

Matt - Heiskell, Tennessee
Entered on May 2, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

A Vacation is worth a thousand memories

I remember very well a day in July when I was young. That day and many more of the same will come, when my mom and dad has packed up to see this big country. We left on a vacation, a word that I have not herd before, but I know it must be good when my parents were in a great mood. So we left to go to see a small part of our beautiful country-the beach. It was bigger than I pictured. The sun that looks like its trying to see what the water feels like during a sunset.

Our next summer was even better when we left to see west of the Missippi River. On our trip we stopped at every point of interest we saw on the map, every National Park, Historical marker, and just points of interest in general. I remember we went to the corn palace in South Dakota, every year it was extraordinarily decorated by corn husks. The desert was the most picturesque place that just has to be visited to understand its beauty. The beauty of the west is the contrast of colors from the rocks to the deep blue cloudless skies. The next state, the big sky state, Montana WOW, do I need to say more. The lush green grassy fields below the monstrous mountains, the wildflowers dancing in the wind. The snow caped mountains just asking visitors to take there pictures. I guess what I am trying to say

is take your kids to see our big gorgeous country that they live in. It is truly an experience that they will always remember. Let them understand how lucky they are to live in the land of the free – the home of the brave. Not just to travel to see the cities but go to the National Parks, Historical points of interest and let the kids see what there history class is requiring them to read about. I believe everyone should travel and take there kids to see and feel there own country. I feel this will keep strong family ties and nice family memories to look back on.