This I Believe

Matthew - Magnolia, Texas
Entered on May 2, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

We Were Meant to Live for so Much More

As a young child my parents raised me in a way that taught me why I was hear and what in the world I was brought into this world for? I am 17 now and have attended church up until this year. During these years I was learning who God was and understanding how he was the one that gave me life. So many people and friends around me never attended church and I really never understood their thoughts on why.

I remember quite vividly the time I heard the words, “we were meant to live for so much more.” I was 15 at the time listening to the radio just as any other normal teenager, when a song popped on containing these words. I thought it was a really amazing song but certainly not because of these words; at least not yet anyway. I continued hearing the song on the radio still not quite listening exactly to the words but the rhythm of the song.

Then, it hit me like a locomotive blowing down the tracks. “We Were Meant to Live for so Much More,” it became more clearly to me as I took a step back and examined my life and the lives of others. Going back to me not understanding the thoughts of people who did not attend church, is being examined from the time I am spending away from church. I am able to look at what people are thinking and why. Now don’t misunderstand me, I am still a very strong believer in Christ. I believe that he died for me and will always love me. Many people believe the reason we are meant to live here is to complete our life successfully and be happy.

I BELIEVE “we were meant to live for so much more,” I believe that we are here for more than just a good time. We are here to help others and to spread the word of God so that we may one day celebrate for those we have saved. I believe money, lusting figures, idols and so much more that society gets conformed into, are immaterial and do not matter to as why we are here.

I am a normal kid just like everyone else. Even though I may partake in spending lots of money, lust in relationships and everything else, I do not conform to believe that this is why we are here but that they are just obstacles standing in the way of what really matters. Now looking back on my past seventeen years of life, I have realized how blessed I am to not be one of those people that were being examined by someone like me; someone who wondered why they could not understand.

I BELIEVE that we make the difference, I BELIEVE that “we, us; us as a society were meant to live for so much more!”