This I Believe

Ryan - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Entered on May 2, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: children, freedom

Don’t you just love the feeling when you’re riding down the street, wind in your hair? I know I do, the thrill of riding a bike. I believe that every kid should have that feeling. I believe every kid should own a bike. It doesn’t have to be fancy or tricked out, just something to ride. Because, that’s what a bike is made for. Sure all the tricks, spins, and speed are great bonuses but those aren’t the point. The point is just riding, meeting up with your friends and tearing it up by the river or park. When you are on a bike you are free, nothing can stop you, except maybe a brick wall, but other than that you can go anywhere. That is why I believe every kid should have a bike, it teaches them to learn how to fend for themselves as well as how to take care of something and make it last. It sure taught me.

I remember my first bike, a Schwinn. I loved that bike. I would polish it and keep the brakes and chain oiled so it rode smoothly. With all of the care I put into it, I made it last for a long time. I still have it and could still ride it, although I haven’t in years.

Keeping a bike for a long time not only saves you and your parents a ton of money but it allows you to become a much better bike rider. Becoming a better rider allows for a more enjoyable time when riding, it allows you to focus not so much on staying balanced but instead on having fun. When I was able to ride that way, it made my riding experience much more diverse. Sometimes I would ride with one hand, other times with none. I could ramp onto and off of curbs and go over rougher terrain. The ability to do this make the riding experience just that much more pleasurable which is what I was shooting for in my early days of riding. Once I achieved those skills I went on to be a much better biker able to do more with my bike then I ever had been able to do before.

This is another reason for why I believe that every kid should own a bike. They take smaller steps that gradually grow larger and larger, as well as more important, with time. This same basic principle rolls over onto many other aspects of life so it is good to learn it early on a bike.

Plus, it is a great hobby, and whose parents wouldn’t want their kid to be outside riding a bike instead of inside bugging them. I don’t know a single parent that wouldn’t want their kids to ride a bike except if the kid is going to go out and try to jump off of roofs or overpasses onto cars. But the majority of kids don’t do that. So besides that factor, parents will probably beg to have their kids ride a bike.

This brings forth another reason I believe all kids should own a bike. It pleases the parents and the kids, so why not take advantage of a win win situation. With the whole household pleased there is a better relationship between the family members which leads to an overall more pleasing attitude. This, by all means, is a good thing.

The whole idea of riding a bike is a good thing. So kids get out there and ride a bike, and parents help them. It will be great for both of you. It develops good memories for both the children and parents. It also gives the biker a time to relax, ponder, and just enjoy themselves. This is why I believe that every kid should own a bike.