This I Believe

Annaleai - Sugar Land, Texas
Entered on May 2, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

“I Believe in a Good Dishwashing Session”

“Girls! Stop giggling, we’re trying to watch the news,” I hear from my Aunt Suzy’s voice in the dining room. Michelle, my cousin, and I look over at each other and try to stifle our laughs. Of course this was difficult since we were 13 years old and on a mission to do the dishes. Everything is funny when you’re a 13 year old girl, especially when you’re with your best friend. Michelle and I would sometimes do nothing more than look over at the other and we’re suddenly laughing so hard our ribs would ache. I believe in a good laugh with your best friend. It got us through the daily grind of washing the dishes among all the other hard things you go through as a girl.

After dinner each night, which everyone in our house was expected to be present for, my cousin and I would clean the kitchen. After all, Suzy cooked, so we cleaned, that was the rule. Cleaning the kitchen though, that was the best time for a good laugh! I can’t explain why, but as soon as we sat down to dinner we would just get giggly! Along with giggling, we would start to sing some of the most random songs. It was like a musical in our kitchen. We sang anything from Chicago songs to one of our old favorites Good News. Of course our musical extravaganza only lengthened our noisiness in the kitchen so we got to hear our aunt tell us to be quiet plenty of times, although it didn’t affect us. We were having fun and still getting our work done. Sometimes we would tell Suzy that we had too much homework, when really we wanted to go upstairs so we could laugh about whatever we wanted. That only worked for a couple of months, and then she caught on to our little scheme. Michelle and I always made doing the dishes fun. Eventually we got a routine down and could get them done quickly to where we could leave the kitchen to go giggle with our other friends. Nonetheless my memories doing the dishes are some of the best I have. They make me realize how important it is to laugh and not only that, but how important it is to have a good friend to laugh with. Although Michelle and I no longer do the dishes together, we can still look at each other and laugh. Even Suzy would say that those were some of the best times to be in the kitchen.