This I Believe

Tiffany - knoxville, Tennessee
Entered on May 2, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Success from Failure

I believe in failure, the kind in which if I do not succeed at first I get up and try again. I have failed at many things in my life. I have failed tests, failed to be on time for work, and failed my friends and family by not telling the truth. I believe everyone fails at something in life, and needs to.

Whenever I think of the word failure, I think of me eight years ago silently waiting to see who made the cheerleading squad. I had waited for years for this moment to come; however, my name was not posted on the list. I had failed, all the years of practice and time seemed to disappear at that moment. But then I realized that the positive effect from failure comes from getting up and brushing the loss off of my shoulders. I also think of Thomas Edison and how he failed over two hundred times when trying to make the filament for the light bulb. If he did not keep trying I might still be using candles today.

Failure is a part of life. When I fail at something my emotions are pushed to the limit. I want to give up and have someone else do it for me. A failure by definition is one that does not succeed. However, I think by failing, I do succeed. Failure to me has become a learning process, a gateway to a wiser and better future. I very rarely succeed at anything on my first attempt, it takes practice. What if I had passed that test without studying or if the clock seemed to run on my schedule, or even if I had told my parents that I was really going to a party that night, instead of lying about it? Would I have gained anything? No, because I need to learn from my mistakes.

I believe in failing that test, maybe next time I will make an effort to study. Occasionally it’s good to be late for work, maybe one day I will allow myself some more time to get there. Those lies I told were a learning opportunity in my life. I needed to learn those lessons and from now on I will tell the truth. I believe in failure, the consequences are true life lessons that I desire to learn and grow from.