This I Believe

Kevin - State College, Pennsylvania
Entered on May 1, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30


This I Believe

“I believe that I am responsible for me.”

I believe that I control my actions, and therefore I control my life. I am responsible for myself, my actions, and the decisions I make, no one else. If I become something great, I take all the credit, and conversely if I become just another bum on streets, I take all the blame.

I sit here writing this having procrastinated as much as I possibly could, failing to meet yet another deadline, and hoping that the situation works itself out. This is just a small example of the kind of decisions that I make every day; the decisions to take care of my obligations, and the decisions not to. Up until this point in my life, if I failed to meet an obligation, it wasn’t a big deal. If I didn’t study for a test or didn’t hand in a paper, I would either find a way to cheat or just take a lower grade, knowing that everything would end up ok; and it did. Now I am graduating however. I am going out into the “real world.” Now my everyday decisions affect more than just myself. I now have a job and responsibility. I have to manage other people now, not just myself and my time. I have to manage my money better as I made the decision to go to college and to take out loans and get a credit card and a cell phone, and now I have pay off my debts.

Besides decisions I make about work, school, and financial obligations, I believe that I decide every day whether or not I will enjoy life. Many people don’t realize that happiness is a choice. It is a conscious effort that we have to make in order to truly be happy. I make the decision when I wake up in the morning that I will be happy and that I will enjoy my day. I make the choice to be optimistic and to love the people around me. If I didn’t make that decision, I would most likely be miserable. If I went through my daily routine and let all of the negative in this world affect me, I would drown in pessimism and be dejected. I stopped blaming other people for my misfortunes, and I stopped relying on other people do get me through life. I am responsible for myself now. I cannot control what happens to me, but I can control what I do about what happens to me, and that is what makes the difference.