This I Believe

Katie - Arlingon Heights, Illinois
Entered on May 1, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe in Reading and Imagination

I believe in many things, but the thing that I believe the most is that reading and imagination can take you anywhere. From mingling with the strange people of Middle Earth, chasing after that silly white rabbit with Alice, or going through life’s challenges with friends and a magical pair of pants, I can take part in any book and leave boring Katie sitting on the couch.

My wild imagination can take me to live with Laura moving from her house in the woods to the house on the prairie. I can be right there seeing two star crossed lovers confessing their love for each other in the moonlight, watching as they go against their two family’s prejudices, and I can even be there when poison brings an ending to the greatest tragedy of all. The greatest detective in the world and his good friend Watson are my companions as I gather and deduce the clues to solve the crime. With reading and imagination I can chase suitors with the Bennet girls, fall in love with one man’s pride, and watch as one girl realizes her prejudice.

Through reading, a magical wardrobe can transport me to a world of infinite splendors, magic, and adventures. A land where a great lion rules over all, and three children can make the biggest difference. I can visit the hospitable abbey of woodland creatures and protect it with the help of its legendary warrior mouse. The written word can help me be there as Ella faces a horrible curse which starts a great adventure ending with her freedom. When I sit down to read, I can soar above the ground on the back of a mythical dragon, meet a werecat, and travel with a story teller. Reading and imagination can help me go to a Wizard’s school and grow up with three friends, discovering enemies, learning the truth, and trying not to fail divination. I can ride the wind playing the famous game of Quiddich, trying to catch a glimpse of the tiny golden snitch. With books I can take part in duels to the death, forbidden loves, and great adventures.

That’s why I believe in reading and imagination-because it helps me escape boring everyday life and live through great adventures, meet interesting people, or learn to do magic. In books anything is possible, and by using my imagination, I can take part in any book.