This I Believe

Elaine - Coatesville, Pennsylvania
Entered on May 1, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: question

April 28,2006

This morning I watched George Clooney and his father,Nick Clooney, explain why they traveled to Darfur without official sanction. The situation over there is untenable as in so many other places. And as so often happens on this planet, most people are not aware of the horror.

The villages are being systematically destroyed and the people murdered. The seemingly minor decisions that must be made by “ordinary” people are beyond the realm of nightmares. When the people must leave their home for an even mundane task, a major decision must be made. If a man leaves, he runs the probable risk of being murdered. If a woman leaves, she runs a double risk of rape and murder. Children are protected by their parents and cannot leave the home for errands. Many times, the decision is for older women to take the risek.

Unfortunately, I can imagine and feel great empathy for these people who are our brothers and sisters. The pain I feel cannot compare to what the victims endure daily.

Vicarious pain is real but sometimes, I try to remember that I am not in that type of danger. I can’t remember too often because the core of my soul won’t allow it. We read books and say we believe so many thoughts and philosophies but we really don’t. Or at least we do not act as though we believe. E.g. No man is an island. When a clump of land is separated from a continent, we are the worst for it.

The organized religions teach love, harmony, forgiveness and remembering we are brothers and sisters. There is not much proof of living these beliefs.

But we are all related. We all suffer when one entity suffers. The planet suffers when we wantonly destroy species, no matter how “tiny”; when vegetation is destroyed wantonly or for money. The Iroquois Confederacy has a saying that we must consider the impact of every decision we make on 7 future generations.

I cannot go to sleep at night and rest with an easy conscience when Iknow what occurs in the world.

I cannot rest easy because I do not know what to do.