This I Believe

Catherine - Greenville, PA, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 30, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Guardian Angels Do Exist

Sixth grade was a tough year for me. I had a small group of friends who all fought constantly. They would hate each other for a couple of weeks and then things would go back to normal. I felt like I couldn’t turn to anyone for help and I hoped that someone would realize that I was having a rough time without me saying anything. I guess I was hoping for some unexpected guardian angel.

I think the worst thing that happened that year, though, was when I got lice three times. People would talk about how scrubby I was and nobody would talk to me. If I had lice I get sent home right away after I get back from the nurse’s office. After I visited the nurse’s office and was told I had lice, I went back to the classroom to get my things. When I got to the classroom and saw my teacher, Mrs. Matheson, I couldn’t hold back my tears anymore. She put her arms around me and hugged me for a long time while I cried. I was embarrassed because some students were still in the classroom and I could feel their eyes on me the whole time knowing what happened.

The first day I came back to school I remember walking into the classroom and on my desk was a best friend kit and a note on top of the kit. It was from my teacher saying how special I was and that there was always someone there for me. I looked up toward my teacher and she looked at me with a smile on her face. I gave her the biggest hug I could with tears in my eyes. I used to think of hurting myself a lot that year. She made me believe that there is always someone watching over me no matter what, as well helping me understand that no matter what problems I have I will be able to overcome them with support.

As one of the most well-known ministers alive today, Billy Graham, once said “Few people realize the profound angelic forces play in human events.” I realized that what my teacher did changed my life. The little things can change almost anyone’s life. I myself didn’t realize I could be considered to have an impact on someone’s life until I quit gymnastics. I was in tenth grade and one of the girls in gymnastics with me, Tory, was in sixth grade. She thought she was the reason I quit, and I had no idea that I had that much of an impact on her. Of course it wasn’t because of her and I made sure she knew that because what I said could change her life for better or worse.

I believe that guardian angels exist, and I just have to be willing to see them, including looking at myself as a guardian angel.