This I Believe

Michael - Blue Bell, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 28, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

“The will to prepare is vital”

I believe that true success cannot be fully achieved without hard work and determination. To me, winning is success. As a young kid, I experienced losing games in sports, and receiving poor grades on assignments in school. I was too young and naïve to fathom exactly what it took to have true success in these two areas. While I was in elementary school, both preparing myself to win and wanting to win rarely happened. The connection between the two seemed correct but it didn’t seem important enough to me, prior to the game, to take the time to prepare.

As a young boy playing baseball and basketball, I always did my best to win the game, but sometimes it wasn’t enough. I often wondered how my team could lose if we all tried our best. Now as a more mature person, however, I have realized that it takes not only the desire to win but also hard work and preparation. I also found that the secret to being loyal to preparation routines lies in determination. My will was born out of determination and it changed my life. My thought process became focused and my daily approach to sports and school work became more defined. My past habits of running through a drill or two prior to a game no longer seemed sufficient. I now felt the need to access my physical weaknesses and improve those areas by running, lifting and working on speed and agility. The more recent success that I have realized in sports increases my determination to continue to prepare. This new found formula for success has now started to carry over more completely into my approach to school assignments. I have a set routine for every project and I concentrate on my time management. I am determined to achieve success. I have the will to prepare and the will to win.