This I Believe

Ramona - Tulsa, Oklahoma
Entered on April 28, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe we are all a part of the human family and should respect one another

> as kindred. The health of each promotes the health of all and as a nation we

> have the ability to bring economic and social balance to struggling others.

> U. S. companies should be required to pay no less than what our minimum wages

> are here, when they employ outside our country. This would give others a

> viable choice to stay in their more prosperous lands with potential to thrive

> in a healthier environment.

> I believe that as long as humans feel they have the right to judge others,

> they should keep in mind that we are fallible and all make mistakes. Once a

> person has been punished for a crime and they are released from prison, the

> punishment should not continue throughout their life. They should not have to

> forfeit the chance to be honest, productive citizens by having a host of jobs

> eliminated from their future. Healing cannot continue when their paths are

> circumvented to the same trap.

> I believe we are guests upon this planet. Each small part we occupy and each

> small part we visit should be as respected and cared for as the minute area we

> call “home”. To destroy the cleanliness of the resources openly given for our

> care brings shame upon the human race and reflects an indifference towards

> those who will inherit the damage. Such action is purely based on greed it

> was never based on survival.

> I believe we are individuals working towards a goal of unity that all will

> continue to work together until all achieve the highest level of understanding

> and acceptance. We do this using all three parts of ourselves: mental,

> physical and spiritual. I believe each person is working an unseen Plan

> developed specifically for their own level of development. We cannot,

> therefore, force our systems and beliefs upon others, whether they are social,

> economic, physical or spiritual. The only question which should be asked when

> contemplating the interference in another‚s choices, in another country’s

> choices, should be strictly based on what is the best good for all concerned.