This I Believe

Holly - Middleburg, Florida
Entered on April 28, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: race, tolerance

I believe in the tolerance of others. The definition of tolerance is defined as a fair and objective attitude toward those whose opinions , practices, race, religion, nationality, or the like, differ from one’s own; in other words a freedom from bigotry. The tolerance of other’s stems far more deeper than just a freedom from bigotry. Tolerance, represents open-mindedness , being open-minded will make a person better for the world. Ignorance is not a policy anyone should go by. A lack of tolerance in society , creates problems, such as stereotyping and class divisions, which not only happens in family units as a whole but in the social society . This creates bitterness and hatred which contributes to already existing problems. I believe that tolerance of others will open windows of opportunities for people. I know , being mixed I faced being stereotype on a daily basis, people before they meet me make judgments. I’ve gotten so used to people classified me as either the black or mixed girl. But what happen to getting to know Holly, the young girl raised in a culturally diverse background. It’s hard to ignore how the media portrays different social groups or ethnic groups. I know I can step up and take responsibility to make an effort to get to know people for who they are and then decide if I like them or not. Just going off first impressions, will only hinder the final decision and you’ll miss meeting the most interesting people that way. Not only that an opportunity to learn something new. Tolerance of others beliefs, opinions, and so forth, allow me to be able to learn from others. I’ve learned at an early age to respect other cultures and people, while staying true to my opinion. Tolerance of other’s doesn’t necessarily mean stop believing in my opinions, it just means open my eyes and see things differently. Tolerance of others I believe is especially hard in high school or just school period. I feel it’s a hard balance of either to I stick with what I believe and be the only one or follow the crowd to avoid being made fun of. Society shows that speaking out for what you believe has consequences such as people being ostracized. But for me respecting peoples opinions and staying true to myself is far more important to me than conforming to a group. I know I try to speak for those who are afraid to speak out. Being tolerant of others I find to be difficult at times , especially as I get older and start to become more knowledgeable about the world. I know as I’m getting older I’m defining who I am and strongly forming my opinions about what I believe. In the end, the tolerance of others is a respect issue and a responsibility on that person to decide if they want to be open-minded to a new idea or person or remain ignorant.