This I Believe

Alyssa - Colorado City, Colorado
Entered on April 28, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: gratitude

This I Believe

On an ordinary day a miracle can happen to any ordinary or extraordinary person, but do the people around the ordinary person even observe this, or even, do the ordinary people these extraordinary miracles happen to even realize the changes they have made?

It could be as minute as a stranger handing you the pencil you just dropped, to as immense as the new heart you were given by an organ donator.

Every day miracles happen to the people who surround us, may it be the old widow who lives down the street, or the brainy girl who sits behind you on the bus, or even to you.

Big or small we seldom even find the time, patience, or enthusiasm to be thankful for these miracles, such as the sun light that passes through our windows as our alarm clocks buzz in the morning, or the touch of that very first good morning kiss from the one true love of your life, and even for the strength to breath and live each and every day.

Why do people only remember to say thank you on that one day a year?

Why is it that when people get unasked and unwanted miracles they can only be angry and disappointed over it?

What has this world come to, when you have to be 18 to buy glue or paint, because none of America’s youth can be trusted not to use it as a drug instead of in a science project?

What has happened to this world, where we bomb each other, threaten each other and even kill people we once loved?

Our world has become a place of great amusement instead of a place for love, trust, hope, forgiveness, and appreciation. Why do you suppose that is? Do you know? Or is it just another one of those life questions, which will not be answered until our deaths?

When was the last time you were thankful for your ordinary miracle?