This I Believe

Derrick - Wausau, Wisconsin
Entered on April 28, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death, love

Always Say I Love You

I believe you should always say I love you. No, matter how mad you are or how much you think you hate them you always have to say I love you.

Last year around this time my grandpa was slowly dying from cancer, and I went to the hospital and I thought I had seen him for the last time. I was standing up to leave and was walking away when I remembered that I forgot to say I love you, so I ran back to my grandpa quick and gave him a big hug and said, “I love you.”

I just had finished a book that day and I was looking for a new book to read, when I came across chicken soup for the preteen soul 2. So I started reading the book, and about have way through the book when I came across a story called always say I love you. I was reading this story and it was about a girl whose grandpa was dying and she was visiting him. Then when it came time to leave she forgot to say I love you. About a week later that girl’s grandpa died and she never remembered to say I love you.

About a month later my dad was visiting me (he lives in northern Wisconsin) and we were shooting are guns. When my dad got a call about something being wrong with my grandpa. So we quick hoped in his truck and drove over there. I was sitting in the truck waiting till when it was ok to come in. I walked in my grandpa’s house and sat on the couch. Me my dad and my grandma were watching television when my grandpa fell asleep. Then my grandma and my dad started talking, so I started thinking to myself. When I remembered that story about always saying I love you that I had read. I was saying to myself “Oh, my god what if I forgot to say I love you to my grandpa?” I kept saying, “I wont, I wont!” Then when it came time for me and my dad to leave I got up and gave my grandpa a hug and I said I love you. Then he said back to me I love you too.

A couple of days later I was sitting in my room watching television when my dad called me and told me that my grandpa has passed away. I was so glad I had remembered to say I love you before I left.

So no matter how mad you get at your parents, or your aunt or uncle or anyone, always say I love you, because you don’t know if they will get in a car accident, or they just might not be there. ALWAYS say I love you.