This I Believe

Daniel - 19103, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 27, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

The Overworked

At 7:02 AM the alarm clock beside my bed begins howling for me to awake. I pull myself up with the remaining energy from the previous day. Still exhausted from insufficient sleep, I lackadaisically wander to school. Throughout the day I combat the urge to sleep and struggle to pay attention in class. The school day passes slowly with only a few short intervals to unwind. I arrive home at 6:00 PM, worn-out and desiring my bed. Yet my day is not done. The night of homework has yet to begin. I believe that today’s youth are too pressured and overworked.

I fail to comprehend the reasoning behind homework. From 8:10 AM to 3:00 PM I, along with millions of other youth across the country, sit in classrooms and are taught the essentials. This is eight hours of being lectured and taking notes. Is that not sufficient work for a day? Apparently it is not because every night I arrive home and have to do three to four hours of additional work for the proceeding day.

I remember the good old days when I was elementary school and there was the no homework on Friday rule. However, the no homework law has been declared null and void. I use to believe that the weekends were intended for sleep, relaxation, and most of all, fun, but weekends for me have been redefined as vast amounts of work and boring classes.

Saturday and Sunday mornings my alarm clock goes off at 8:00 AM. The days of sleeping in on the weekend until noon have vanished before my eyes. I have no options, but to awake at 8:00 AM and prepare myself for a three-hour SAT prep class. On top of this three-hour class I have essays to write, pointless busy work to complete, and test and quizzes to study for.

With the increase in college applications being submitted to colleges the competition to stand out has reached insurmountable limits. The need for extra-curricular activities has reached an absurd limit. This need to stand out from the crowd has resulted in today’s youth being forced to spend their valuable childhood playing sports and participating in clubs. I see my friends not sleeping in order to complete their homework. I see them participating in activities that they have no desire to take part in.

I believe that there should be a limit to the amount of nightly homework. I believe that the pressure to get accepted to a college should be minimized. Today’s culture is forcing today’s youth to grow out of childhood quicker than ever before. We cannot risk exhausting the youth for the future lies in there hands.