This I Believe

Samantha - Phila, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 27, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that everything in life happens for a reason. We cannot change what happens to us, and therefore we must deal with it. There are problems, difficulties, lessons and troubles that I will face in my lifetime, most of which I will not be able to change. I have learned to accept and make the best of situations that are presented to me each day. I am certain that what is meant to be in life, such as friendships, jobs, classes and happiness, will be fulfilled. There is no use in worrying or troubling myself with what might have been, and there is no time to regret. We choose to be upset or happy every day that we make decisions and choices; situations are going to arise, I have learned to deal with it and move on.

I have spent many days and nights worrying about problems that I have not had any control over, and this worrying has only caused me upset and trouble. Tests in school, relationships, self-image and athletics are just a few examples of areas that an average teenager might have fear and concern in. There are many problems that I thought I could control through worry and thought; I have not been able to. Although there are going to be many hardships in my lifetime, I have learned to move on. The Bible greatly influences my beliefs because religion is a very large aspect in my life. The Bible states that I should not worry. “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow. For tomorrow will worry about itself. Today has enough worry of its own.” –Matthew 6:34. I have now accepted that worry has only caused more harm. Although challenges may occur, in the end, we are going to end up where we are meant to be.

I believe that we are placed where we are meant to be and we meet the people who are meant to change our lives. People have changed my life and will continue to change my life. I have no control over who I meet, and when those people are placed in my life. I believe that God has placed them in my life for a reason. What decides my future is how I allow those people to influence my life, and the way I choose to live. Henry Miller once said, “We create our fate every day we live.” I cannot change my life in the aspect of those I am meant to meet, so I have learned to just let it happen.

In accepting fate, I am able to relax myself during stressful situations. I take a step back, realize that there is a higher power above me, and work from there. I am unable to control what I am faced with, but I have control over what I do with those opportunities. My decisions will decide who I become, and will determine my fate. “What is meant to be, will find a way.” -Unknown