This I Believe

Mike - 33914
Entered on April 27, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30


Years ago I read in a magazine the story of a man. He said that he had helped one old man who did not have food for eating. He said ha had found that man sitting on the street begging for some coins. It is common of course, that in big cities indigents of this type are everywhere, and it is also common that people do not even pay attention and just keep walking. Well, this man decided to stop and asked the old man about his situation. He knew a little about him and suddenly felt this wonderful feeling of brotherhood that exists in anyone but that lies untouched. So, he took this indigent to his house, gave him food, water, even a place where to sleep.

What really moved me what the way this man concluded. It is common for most of the people to expect for something after doing a favor, something like a paying back, or at least gratitude. But this was not the same case. This man said that he felt very happy for experiencing this. He said that if someone needed to say thankyou it was him because of having this wonderful opportunity to feel so alive and human. He considered that he needed to say thankyou to the indigent for making him feel that he was also part of this universe that is humanity.

I agree that people tend to confuse that doing things for others are of no importance. People get confused thinking that they are wasting their time and that if they have to do something for another person, then they deserve to recieve something else in their favor. That is incorrect. I believe people should do things for others just because it will benefit not only those people in need but also them. It is a way to develop their own humanity. People become more humans by practicing virtues. And I think that’s the goal for any society, to achieve a peaceful world where no one is more than another, where anyone can treat his/her neighbour as hi/her equal.