This I Believe

Mary aka Mimi - Greensburg, Indiana
Entered on April 26, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

People, by and large are good, and want to do good–this I believe.

In the past year, I have had the opportunity to have this core belief driven home to me in ways I could have never imagined. Twice this year I have experienced the positive power of human kindness. I have witnessed people stepping forward to embrace a family who’s teenage son has been stricken with a terminal illness. These people have raised thousands of dollars to aid this family with their medical expenses as well as with an outpouring of love and support for the family. I have witnessed teenagers and other step-up to the plate with their time, energy and money to help this family and another family, who had two members seriously injured in a nearly fatal car accident. These wonderful people not only took in a child from this family while her parents were hospitalized, but arranged for volunteers to replace the roof on the family home and care for the garden. Pre-teens and teenagers arranged for fundraisers to aid the families–often using very creative devises. Manual laborers, teen-agers, and medical professionals and others worked side by side on their precious weekend time. Small businesses, contractors and building supply companies donated goods and services to help these causes.

Yes, I live in a small town, but it doesn’t take living in a small town to find good people. Anyone watching TV on September 11 saw examples of strangers stepping up to the plate to help those in need. When I hear people speak of how frightening and dangerous our world has become, when I hear people speak of the moral decline of our youth, when I hear people speak of the selfishness of people today–I let them know that people today are infinitely generous and want to help others simply for the joy of helping others. I know this because I have seen this generosity personally twice in one year.

I refuse to be cynical. Yes, bad things happen. Yes, sometimes people do bad things to other people. Yes, I have been saddened by the tragic events which have taken place to these family friends, but more so, I am thankful to have had the opportunity to witness the goodness of humankind first-hand. People are inherently good. This is believe.