This I Believe

Michael - Columbia Falls, Montana
Entered on April 26, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

What do you believe? When this question was first presented to me I wasn’t entirely sure how to answer such a thing. Surly there is much to be believed so why was it that I could not answer right away?

Being a senior in high school I find myself wondering about the future more and more. Like most of my peers I have spent a great deal of time asking others what they thought about such and such career idea’s, usually with a negative response. Many people tried to lay out occupations that they thought would be a respectable career to enter, for example electrician, or work the railroad like so many of my family have before me.

This is about the time I started to realize, no matter what I choose there will always be at least one person who disapproves. Regardless of what you do someone will always try to tell you that you’re wrong. And this got me thinking, if all I can do is make others disapprove why not at least pick something that makes ME happy, as opposed to trying to please the rest of the world.

The biggest problem with the whole situation is trying to get those who influence me the most to understand what I want for myself. When I look at the kind of person I want to be in five years I don’t see the same person that most people do. I see a physically, mentally and morally strong person. Someone for whom others not only rely on but never feel they need to check up on. A person who is good at what he does, and has a place in the world that he enjoys. Wealth is not my motivation at all, more and more I find myself driven in search of the person I can be, not the person I am right now.

As my final year of formal education begins to close I find myself re-evaluating what is important to me. Neither wealth nor status makes me happy. The pride in who I am and what I am doing is what truly satisfies the soul. I’ll grant you that we all enjoy having some extra spending money, and having a cushy job with a desk, id be a liar to even propose that those things are unwanted. But the reality of it is pride and honor are the most important and driving factors that lead me through life. I’m not perfect and we all make mistakes, but I feel that when your goals are simpler its a lot harder to go wrong in life. So in conclusion what I truly believe is that sometimes you have to look to only yourself to find your path.