This I Believe

Ceci - Spring, Texas
Entered on April 26, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I’ve wanted to write a “this I Believe” Essay since I first heard about it, but I’ve had a hard time figuring out what I believed in. I’ve never had a solid faith to ground me (my parents encouraged me to find my own faith, and not rely on someone else’s beliefs to shape me) In my quest for a belief, sought answers from the one person who knows me better than all others, my mother. She told me to think of something I am dedicated to, and then figure out why I feel so strongly about it.

When she said that, the first thing I thought of was my church youth group for which I am a youth representative on a church wide board, I am a Youth in a Leadership Position at district events, along with countless other titles that would just take to long to explain. But why?

And then it hit me; I believe I can change the world, I believe that I can leave this world a better place based on the people I touch, and the decisions I make. And not only do I believe this, I know it as well. I know it with every fiber of my being.

I go to school in a rural school in Texas, and in my 8th grade theatre class, I was maybe not the only non-Christian, but I was the only vocal non-Christian, and that brought me some troubles. One of the good-ol’-boys in my class named David Heart called me on my beliefs (or lack there of in his opinion) my leftist political viewpoints and other “defects” on my part. And with all the dignity I possessed at 14, I answered each of his questions, countered each of his accusations and actually made him think about the way he treated people, and he began to try to see other people’s perspective. Since then he has apologized to me, called me up for political and moral discussions. I know I can change the world, because I already have, I know I can continue to change the world; I believe I can, and will.