This I Believe

Nannette - Provo, Utah
Entered on April 26, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

What Is Integrity In Art?

This I Believe

I began to dance the moment my body began to move, constantly

exploring new ways to be in motion, propel myself through space, and suck my

toes. Movement is life. Movement has become a living element in my life.

I move, I make movement; I watch movement everyday whether it is formal or

informal. I am a dancer. I believe that all movement is individual. I am

a choreographer of dance and I believe that my individual way of moving must

be expressed with honesty.

I learned this lesson from a professor who watched one of my

pieces, looked at me and simply asked, “What are you trying to communicate?”

Knowing this was crucial for me. Knowing this was the only way for me to

have integrity in my choreography, he knew this and challenged me to find it

out. He left and there I was, stuck with the daunting task of understanding

myself. Knowing this would expose me to truth, I tackled the challenge.

I knew that to have my subject matter find and maintain

integrity; I had to find truth in it. The only way I could convey truth or

touch others with my choreography is if it was right with me.

To uncover this truth I believe there must be a sufficient

amount of invested exploration and analysis, digging deep enough to uncover

truth. This high quantity exploration taught me, as a choreographer all

there is to know about the subject matter, leaving no stones unturned. This

knowledge evolved into truth, which eventually developed into love; the kind

of love that all artists seek to find and gain in their work. I believe

that love serves truth, and truth is knowledge of an external ideal, which

is beyond the reach of the individual’s will. The truth that I acquired and

the love that I felt during this exploration turned me, the choreographer,

into a creator and not a re-creator.

When I present my work with honesty, I have no limits. Any

subject can be dealt with, researched, explored, exposing knowledge and

truth, turning movement into a living idea with purpose and personal

expression, touching all who watch, filling the soul with individual hope.

I believe to achieve this level of integrity in art there must

be no fear of judgment. There must be no apprehension to give credit, to

carry on and be willing to learn from possible mistakes. There cannot be

fear of digging deep; refusing to settle until there is honest movement and

an honest ending. There cannot be any dictators in creation; there must be

objects that harmonize with the intent of the movement. I believe this is

being an integral choreographer.

So as I take to the studio and begin the quest of creation, I

will ask myself, “What am I trying to communicate?” Through research,

knowledge, and a genuine love of the subject matter I will communicate that

which I know to be true. This depth of honesty will allow a tiny bit of

myself to shine through no matter the subject; nothing is too hard to tackle

when integrity is present. This I believe.