This I Believe

Dennis - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on April 25, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: hope, setbacks

I believe in the hopes and dreams of mankind. Having endured my own trials and tribulations, I feel I have a greater appreciation for hopes and dreams. Getting divorced. The death of my brother. Being unemployed for eighteen months. All these things, at the time, seemed to present insurmountable obstacles. Yet I have survived. Believing no one wants you. That no one needs you. But hope and dreams for a better future yet to be, kept me going.

And then I look at the survivors of the great Tsunami, the earthquakes in Turkey and the mudslides in Central America. Casualties of current day wars. Entire villages wiped out. Orphans with no one to take care of them. People in some countries, not knowing if they will have food enough to sustain their children even one more day. And my problems become trivial and insignificant.

Surely these people hove hopes. Hopes for the basic necessities we take for granted; safety, a home, food, peace. And they certainly have dreams. Dreaming of something more than just survival. Dreams for their homeland, dreams of education and a future for their children, dreams of freedom.

All the peoples of the world that have gone before me; the things they must have endured so that we could ponder the question of “What value do hopes and dreams bring to mankind?” All my ancestors, the hardships, perhaps tortures, slavery and worse, aspired to have their offspring survive. To whose hopes and dreams I owe my very existence.

And I consider myself fortunate to possess such small problems. As important as they once seemed, they are no longer worth mentioning. The thousands of generations of which I am the ultimate product deserve far, far more. Thus I hope against improbability, and dream against impossibility, to achieve something noble in my lifetime. Something worthy of my ancestors. I do not yet know what it is that I bring to mankind and it’s future, but I believe in hopes and dreams.