This I Believe

Jameson - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 24, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: pleasure, work

My ideology since I was a little boy was to always to do my best in everything that I have ever started. This belief came from the way I was raised. My father is a man of high expectations and is always in anticipation of finishing on top. Competing in sports was the way that I could prove my determination to work hard. I am a competitive person by nature; therefore, I push myself to overcome anything in my way. I have had this outlook on life since my first years in high school.

My life was consumed with academics and sports. I was very organized and in incredible shape, but there was a feeling of emptiness in my life. I realized a lot of my friends, which was a small amount, were only guys that I saw during the weekdays on the football/ lacrosse field. When the weekends came around I was only watching movies, not going out and socializing. The stories people would have, the Mondays on the field, were hilarious and I was jealous that I didn’t have anything to add. At this certain point I began to see my life as dull and one-sided. Therefore, I came up with the idea of “work hard, play hard”, which means when I accomplish something every week I can indulge in a weekend activity of pure pleasure. After this new philosophy I started to go out with my buddies on the weekends. This was hard at first to balance out, but as I became more experienced, I realized that my life was more organized than before when my primary focus was toward sports and academics. Today when I know I have weekend activities to look forward to, I make sure on Monday I plan out my week to accomplish all of my individual goals. Once these goals have been achieved, I know that it is the proper time to let loose and have fun.