This I Believe

Whitney - New Richland, Minnesota
Entered on April 24, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe there are two futures; the one directly under my feet, carrying me to every tomorrow, and the future that waits after the first one is no longer under my feet because of life and the inevitability of that gradual, crippling disease called age. When it is time to confront my second future, I want to make damn sure my first one packs enough punch to fend off boredom and accompany me with the recollection of a life well lived.

It is so important to me, to seize every opportunity life offers. Sure, look before you leap, but if you look too long the window closes, leaving nothing more than regret. To me, probing, planning, and questioning life takes away the beauty of “living the shit out of it.” As long as I can breathe I will seek out adventure, and that’s what I am really trying to get at.

Life is full of responsibilities and musts that society places on me. While they are necessary for my success and my future, I feel there is no reason to get so caught up in them that I forget about living it up. When I say purpose, I have no idea what it is, and until I find it, I am going to explore and have a great time doing it. I will make the best out of what is handed to me and enjoy every drop of experience I receive.

Sometimes I look at my view on life and confuse it with selfish neglect for my future, but I’m just burdened with not having found my passion yet. If you can call being clueless about my purpose in life a burden, at the moment I am looking at it as a blessing to get things done I will really remember in the future, making mistakes and making friends.

And what if I never find a passion or a purpose in life? Then what? To be honest I’m not really worried about it, as far as I know I have years to figure it out. Not just wish and think about them and regret being tied down by a job I am not passionate about. No, that will never be me. I have learned to avoid settling and learned to make the things I really want, happen. I believe I will be proud of my accomplishments no matter how long it takes to find my calling. I believe falling into society’s pattern is reforming, and the one thing I am passionate about is not reforming.

Living with purpose is ok. Living without purpose is just as good. Living with weights and regrets is something one lets happen to oneself and if everyone were aware of the fact that they are sinking into a well-evolved pattern, I would hope they would avoid it at all costs. Avoiding it may end up being my only passion but at least I have one. I am making memories, good, bad, ugly memories and one day when I am rocking in my chair, they could be all I have left to keep me company, so I better make sure I have enough of them.