This I Believe

Olufemi - San Francisco, California
Entered on April 22, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: addiction

Beyond Infancy

This I believe that a miracle happened when a millionaire interrupted by “John Barleycorn” happened upon relief from alcoholic addiction through a religious experience and birthed the Modern day 12 Step Movement. I believe the this movement to be the forerunner of cognitive behavior therapy in that simple faith in a Higher Power breeds positive thoughts rather than irrational fear.

I believe the antidote of 12 Step Recovery reverses the symptom of many ailments but a salve so potent in miraculous power cannot be selfishly held in the arms of its founder; it cannot remained trapped in infancy for ever frozen in one demographic but must run free into many cultures that are longing for relief.

I believe those set free from addiction are encumbered to give freely of what they have found and never burden recipients of this miraculous cure to emulate any culture other than their own.