This I Believe

silvia - Rogers, Arkansas
Entered on April 22, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: hope, setbacks

A painting’s estimate

Do is faith, am I optimist, or is something else what makes me think in this way? Is my daily query. Nevertheless, I try to have a colorful life, so when I get into a dull and unimaginative moment, something magic comes to me. It is something that makes me think in those so appreciated persons that quietly help me and give a touch of color to my days.

There is a person-my primary color, my sister whom inculcated me to do not give up when a door closes because a window opens to a better opportunity. It sounds trite but the important and hardest thing is to keep on with that attitude. She told me “do not give up; do not wait anyone coming to your door to put in your hand what you want, they would be expecting an exchange. If you fall down, get up and grab an attitude of courage to get out of your difficult time” and of course, that is what I do.

My sister encouraged me to give without hope more than gratitude; unfortunately, there are lewd people, as those from a company that I worked. I started with a learnable attitude and I was reward. I was a temporary worker and by the second week, the company offered to hire me for a midnight to noon shift. I had a great economical necessity but that shift was difficult for me. I explained my situation and they understood, so the next opening would be for me, they told me.

I was nearly the three months and my thought concerning the co-workers was changing. “Is time to be different with me and so you can quickly be hired” one said, sexual harassment. I did not accept and what I wanted from him was respect, I told him, he did not went along me, since all long that was my attitude toward everyone. It annoyed me. The door was being close.

The door closed but a window was also being open. I am thankful that my supervisor discharged me because my mind and heart were imploring it. I said nothing to him about it. I was in disadvantage because I was a temporary worker, therefore I avoided problems in a gray area but I did not lose the opportunity behind the window. The one that I am enjoying where I am respectful appreciated and of course economically rewarded, likewise, my sister feeling proud of me.

A great woman grew me up and I am thankful with life that she was my sister. Although, I have to wonder whether I believe in my sister‘s philosophy, in faith or I am optimistic, so I prefer to think that I believe in something magic, love! Doors close and windows open but I do not set aside my courage’s attitude to keep my life colorful to reflect light in other faces.