This I Believe

Rob - Cambridge, Iowa
Entered on April 22, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

My Rock

Someone once asked me : “Why don’t you throw that old rock away , you’re rubbin’ on all the time ?”

Here’s my answer . It’s called , a Watai stone , not merely a rock . Also, this little piece of Mother earth, like a lost puppy, found me. This stone is a sacred object and not just to me, but many people find peace in it’s power.

I use Watia for beseeching to my spirit family, to give thanks and praying for others in need. It grounds me to Grandmother earth.

Christians use a cross, Hebrews, the star of David and like the star, cross or prayer rug , Watia is a tool. A tool by which to aid in focusing , for reaching my higher power . As a hypnotist uses glittering pendants to keep your attention , it guides me through my daily life .

I believe that all things are made of consciousness , from a grain of sand to the most powerful being . Watia also reminds me not to be afraid , that everything is connected , that energy can’t die and time is an illusion .

I am therefore , living many lives at one moment , filling my total experience as a multi-dimensional being . No thing is left undone . On other planes of my experience , my father did not die from smoking , I married my high school sweetheart , I die of an over-dose ,etc.

I don’t speak for any other persons , save my selves . This is simply what I believe and take comfort in . I follow one path , my own . I do however agree with most of the teachings of Seth , a disembodied entity who was channeled by a woman named Jane Roberts in the 60s and 70s . It’s a fascinating read .

The Watia stone is smooth , flat , dark brown with gold flecks . It’s about one and one quarter around and sixteenths inch thick . There’s a warrior on horseback chasing a buffalo in black on one side and an angel embossed on the other .

The Watia is a Lakota indian practice , but it fit so neatly into my belief system , I adopted it as my own .

With the stone comes responsibility , the eternal search for knowledge . And it has taught me much , like if the entire EGO system were boiled down , and there simply must be a commandment , it would be this : “Thou Shalt Not Violate.”

Throw it away ?, never!, but should you need it , I will happily give it to you . To all those who read and hear these words , I wish you ; Light , Love , Abundance and Happiness .

The Endish