This I Believe

Patrick - Williamsville, New York
Entered on April 21, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that my school is better than your school. I believe that after spending four years of my life here, that it’s not just where I go to college anymore. It’s become a part of me. Sometimes I feel like this is my home more than the house I lived in for eighteen years.

I believe that I didn’t just come to college to further my education, get a degree, and land a better job. I came to college to begin my life as a young adult. I came here to learn about so much more than what is discussed in class rooms.

Just three weeks from graduation, and at a point where my life could go in any direction and I have very little idea what to expect next, it’s comforting to be able to look back and at least know where I came from. I know what I have done here, and what I’ve learned from everything I’ve experienced.

I’ve partied too much and paid for it. I’ve studied too much and been rewarded for it. I’ve done a few things right and I‘ve done plenty of things wrong. I’ve made smart choices and I’ve made mistakes. I’ve made amazing friends. I’ve come out of every situation a changed person in some way, and I wouldn’t trade any of my experiences here, good or bad, for anything.

While I’m leaving here uncertain of many aspects of my future, I’m very certain of my recent past. I have no doubt that my time here has made me a better and smarter person. And I feel this way more because of what I have learned outside of the classroom, than inside of it. I’m not saying I didn’t learn from teachers, because I definitely did. What I’m saying is that I learned more from just talking to my teachers and getting to know them, than I did from completing assignments and taking exams.

I believe that four years ago I thought I was coming to college to get an education and a degree, and now I understand that I came to college for so much more.