This I Believe

Kelly - Leesburg, Georgia
Entered on April 21, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

I believe that clothes are more than just materials sewn together to cover the human body. Fashion can make memories and can even span over different generations. Clothes play an important role in my life and are one of those things that do not go unnoticed by me. Expressing myself through the apparel I wear and coordinating an ensemble must not be overlooked.

My passion for fashion began when I was in elementary school. I attended a private school that enforced a uniformed dress code. Wearing plaid jumpers and neatly pressed blouses everyday to school used to bother me for the simple reason of not being able to wear what I wanted. Wearing the same thing as everyone else seemed devastating at the time. Then I learned that having to wear a uniform did not have to define my personal style, so I figured out a way to display my creativity through shoes and accessories. Accessories can represent those quirks that make each of us unique and made me feel that I was indeed my own individual. Who knew that a heart shaped pendant and patent leather shoes would brighten my days and give me more confidence. Knee high socks were a regular for me, so I decided to get a pair in every color, fabric and pattern. I was always eager for a non-uniform day to wear an outfit that I planned weeks in advance. While this seems silly to some, it consumed much of my time as an elementary school student.

With this information, I am sure it is not hard to guess that even my favorite game of “dress-up” revolved around fashion. My mom had an array of clothing and accessories galore for me and my sisters to choose from. Anything from 1970’s prom dresses to lavender bell-bottoms and red stiletto pumps could be found in our toy chest. My sisters and I would giggle at some of the supposedly fashionable attire she had, but we still loved dressing up in anything my mom used to wear. She got joy out of seeing us prance around in her old apparel and she enjoyed reminiscing on her past as she told us stories from when she wore each outfit.

I remember special occasions by the outfits I wear. Clothes can make an event memorable and a stunning outfit does not hurt your confidence. Some items of clothing I will never be able to part with because they hold cherished memories. I still have the dresses I wore to my First Communion and to my cotillion balls. I have the purple stretch pants and matching oversized sweatshirt I wore on my sister’s 7th birthday. I even have that plaid jumper from elementary school folded away in a box somewhere in my attic. I want my children to rummage through my old clothes to play “dress up” just like I did when I was younger, even while giggling at me about what I used to wear.