This I Believe

Brian - State College, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 21, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, love

It was my first year in pre-school. My teacher was instructing my class of highly capable four year-olds on the intricacies of some arts and crafts project that was deemed absolutely vital to our academic development. I, an experienced arts and crafter, was aware of my lack of skills. Additionally, being wise beyond my years, I had the foresight to know that the technological revolution would someday make many manually tedious tasks obsolete. With these facts in hand, I made the executive decision to complete the assignment in the most economical fashion: quick and easy. Apparently, my teacher was dissatisfied with the quality of my all-important, educationally vital assignment. I was relatively indifferent to her dissatisfaction, thus forcing her to employ a guilt tactic utilized by all effective educators: “Would your mother be proud of this?” Now I had her right where I wanted her. Recently my mother had said, “Brian, I love you so much. I will always love anything that you do.” My teacher had nothing on me now!

Some four years later, my best friend was at my house playing. My four year-old, little brother wandered into our play session. As it was getting time for my friend to go home, I asked if he wanted to sleep over. He accepted my offer with one stipulation: he would sleep over only if my brother didn’t hang out with us. I turned to see the look on my brother’s face. He was obviously hurt. I did not want to ruin the relationship between my best friend and me, but I loved my brother. I had told my brother before that I would always stand up for him and always support him. With that in mind, I turned to my friend and said, “If Michael doesn’t sleep with us, you don’t have to sleep here either.” From then on out, whenever I had a sleep over, my brother was invited.

These two events from my childhood have helped me to realize and appreciate the importance of unconditional love. Because of my mother’s example of unconditional love and support of me when I was four years-old, I was able to follow suit and be a good big brother loving and supporting my little brother when he was four years-old. Because of the love and support that I have received from my family and friends throughout my life, I believe that it is important to learn to love unconditionally and to support those whom we love and who likewise love us. When I grow old, I will be happy if I can look back upon my life and see love.