This I Believe

Robert - State college, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 21, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: purpose

Patience is The Key to Success

I believe in the importance of patience. In today’s world, everything is attempting to be done in the quickest way humanly possible. Businesses and machines are being designed to operate with great speed and efficiency in order to optimize production. I have learned that some things in life need more time devoted towards them. Most of the great things in this world didn’t happen over night.

Being raised on a farm in rural Pennsylvania, a lot of my life’s time has been devoted towards animals, in particularly horses. Working on my grandfather’s Standardbred horse racing farm has taught me a lot of important concepts when working with animals. When working with young or inexperienced animals, teaching them new understandings cannot be rushed. Trying to hurry this process only frustrates the handler and the animal, possibly causing injury. Not all animals learn and understand commands at the same speed. Therefore more time needs to be devoted towards those who don’t comprehend the task at hand as quickly. It was in the fall of 2005 and it was time to break yearling horses to become potential race horses. My cousin was working a yearling stallion that just wasn’t cooperating with him. He attempted to hook the cart before the horse was ready for it. The stallion threw his body to the ground, got tangled in the harness, and struggled to get back up. After what seemed to be a tornado going through the barn, we ended up replacing two broke shafts and a tire on the cart after this little incident. I then told my cousin that I would work with the horse for the next couple of days. With patience and time spent with the stallion, three days after the crash I was able to successfully hook the colt to the cart and drive off without breaking anything.

The awareness of the importance of patience I owe to my late grandfather Robert Rougeaux. While completing tasks as a young child, my grandfather was constantly repeating “take you time”. Back then, I truly didn’t understand the importance of these words he spoke. Playing games with him, working horses, shooting guns, hunting whitetail deer or working on dad’s race car were just some of the activities that my pap persuaded me to complete with patience. Now I truly understand why he kept repeating that worn out line “take your time”. My grandfather did many great things in his life. I believe that patience played an immense role in his success and I wish I could thank him again for this great skill he has taught me.