This I Believe

stephen - dickson city, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 21, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe wealth is the sum of those assets of which you cannot put a price tag on. The belief that espouses that the relationships we form and the hobbies we enjoy are the ties that bind. The same belief that makes us say, “we still have each other”, in times of trial. I have always hoped others shared my belief as well but, for a while, I thought I might have been the only one.

The world as presented through our TVs and media seems to suggest that money is all we are concerned with. We watch contestants on shows like “Survivor” and “Fear Factor” go to great lengths competing for money. Its true a lot of these shows offer their contestants a generous prize, but what are we entertained by the most —watching people win, or seeing them come so far to lose? Although it is giving the “unknowns” a shot at fame and fortune, American Idol—although not to the extent of Survivor– capitalizes on the humiliation and drama that revolves around chance and money. But it’s not just on our televisions. In fact, I recently saw the word “archaic” in parenthesis following the last definition of wealth to be listed, which read “well-being or prosperity”, in the Encarta World English Dictionary. Not only is this the fifth of the five definitions offered by Microsoft’s Word 2004, it is one of only two definitions of the five which suggest a non monetary wealth.

. As disheartened as I sometimes become, I have realized that this is only entertainment and the Encarta definition of wealth is offered through a Microsoft program. What the cameras fail to show, I feel I have witnessed. I now believe that what I notice the most inside my favorite celebrity’s houses is what they don’t have. While they may have the nicest television sets and largest living rooms, they’ll never have what will always be mine. My family, my friends, and those other million little things that make me the unique individual I am.