This I Believe

James - Larksville, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 21, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Overachievement promotes growth in people, as individuals and as groups. I believe that by doing more than what is expected will undeniably lead to a life that is full of success. This is a concept that has been drilled into my head since I was a young boy by many different people: my parents, teachers, and coaches. I did not fully realize the impact of this concept though until my current years as a college student at a large, public university.

As a young boy in my elementary and middle school years I could not grasp the rewards that could be gained through overachievement. I was happy just fulfilling requirements for assignments in school. I could not see the differences that could be made by doing more research on a topic discussed in class. So, why was I always getting advice from my superiors that I should do more then necessary?

I found out why I was always being pushed to overachieve by my superiors through my search for a summer internship this year. Obtaining a summer internship during my junior year is a goal that I strongly want to achieve because of the possibility of a great career opportunity leading from the experience. I set out on this process by creating a résumé earlier in the year with all of the basic information that companies look for, and thought that I was in a good position to be successful. After dropping my résumé off though for many different positions and struggling to see any corporate interest in my services, I began to ponder my lack of success.

I believe that my lack of doing more than is necessary is what led to my struggles. In fact, I was told this when I sought help from a director of my school’s internship program. I did not have any activities that were not required and would show my dedication to my career path and determination to succeed. It seemed that the advice of my superiors early on in life was coming back to hurt me. I finally began to realize at this point that it was going to take more effort to achieve my goal. My recent participation in my university’s student investment club and banking club is what has helped me now to grow and mature as a student and person because I am taking the initiative in getting involved.

While I have started to notice personal growth through participating in these non-required activities, it may be too late to achieve my goal of obtaining a summer internship. Even if I do not achieve this goal though, I have learned a valuable lesson and am now more aware of the kind of effort that it is going to take for me to succeed in life. I now know that I can get as little or as much knowledge and experience as I want to out of my college years. The choice is up to me. This I believe.